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Jul 30

On Yahoo’s acquisition of Flurry and data privacy

imageYahoo has acquired Flurry for (reportedly) over USD 300M. With this buyout, Yahoo plans to go deeper into the mobile analytics and and acquisition domain, hoping to be a mobile-first company and compete with Facebook, Google and other companies having the most share from a multi-billion ad industry.

Flurry, at the cost of providing free analytics service, not only collects data about your application, but also combines this information and uses it. According to Flurry Terms of Service, Flurry owns and retains all right, title and interest in reports and all other results & data provided to you through their service.

While this may seem to be acceptable to most small companies and SMEs, many corporates, financial institutions, insurance companies do have strict regulations to keep their company data on-premise. This is not a coincidence - throughout the history of computing, we have seen many cases where companies illegally exploiting information gained through collecting data from customers.

This is where Countly stands out: It’s your data, your policy and your rules to use this data. We do not combine collected data with other customer information and share it with 3rd parties. We do not have mechanisms to share user IDs across applications or services. Countly, with its open infrastructure, is world’s first and most extensive open source enterprise mobile analytics platform with no intentions to exploit collected data. 

We’ll witness many acquisitions in analytics space in upcoming months by giants, and data privacy will be more important than ever, especially for companies generating, collecting and storing personally identifiable information and private mobile data.

Contact us for more information about Countly mobile analytics and Countly Enterprise Edition you can install on-premise.

Your privacy matters to us.

— Countly Team

Jun 21

On radar: Smart TV analytics


While developing Countly, we wanted to make sure that analytics should be fun and accessible by everyone. This is why we initially decided to open source our codebase and put a of effort on user interface design. Another small but unknown dedication towards making Countly was building a system for every types of analytics, from mobile to desktop, from Internet of Things to Smart TVs. I think we’ve come a long way to establish our dreams as we have seen several parties benefit from Countly in extraordinary ways.

Smart TV analytics is no exception to this scenario. If you are a smart TV builder, you do not particularly need a dedicated & costly solution (if there are any), and better benefit from a generic analytics platform that support custom events. In this case, you can collect, view and analyze metrics in a given time period, such as:

These performance metrics (Smart TV Intelligence or data collected from multi-screen devices) can all be viewed either on Countly main dashboard, or as a custom event. Countly Drill and Countly Funnel will also help during deep-analysing of collected data and drill-down on user events. This way, several questions starting with how’s and why’s can easily be answered.

Several countries have regulations on collecting user data, including children, and it can be very dangerous and regulatively prohibited to store personally identifiable information in a 3rd party company server. Countly Enterprise Edition is a perfect fit as it can be installed on-premise, prodiving higher security and privacy as user data gets collected. It simply sits on TV operator premises, preferably exchanging data with operator’s backend.

Using Countly Enterprise will also provide scalability for Smart TV analytics to operator as it will be possible to answer growing demands and increasing number of devices.

May 05

Is your mobile application data secure and safe?


Building mobile products takes quite a lot of time and effort. Not only do you need domain expertise in areas like mobile application development, usability, cross platform development, working with different screen sizes and resolutions, and more … you need to make sure that you deliver a quality product that works as intended and gracefully handles unexpected errors.

Not only do you need to worry about your own code, but you also need to be concerned about any 3rd party code and SDKs you may be using.  An SDK is injected directly into your app and how it works directly will impact your application. So when an SDK crashes an application (and we’ve seen this many times) and you don’t have access to the SDK source code, what do you do?  In situations like these, you and your project are completely at the mercy of the SDK vendor to diagnose and resolve the issue.

With an open source SDK, however, it’s possible to get traces back and determine the root cause of any problems.  Because you can see what is happening in the SDK code and how it interacts with your app, you can also address poorly written code that may be causing crashes, poor performance, and increased latency.  You can also see if the code is doing something (like collecting data) that you might not otherwise want to permit.

When it comes to mobile analytics platforms, this applies not only to the SDK but the platform as a whole.   Most, if not all, mobile analytics platform are closed source and black box; customers have very little control of how they work, how the data is stored, whether the data can be migrated to another platform or vendor, and whether they are truly comply with applicable regulatory and privacy standards.   With an open-source platform such as Countly’s Community and Enterprise Editions you, and only you, own the data and you have the ability to tune and configure the platform to meet your specific needs.

For more information you can  view the Countly SDK on Github, download Countly Community Edition to try on your own premise, sign up for Countly Cloud to see how it works for you, or read more about our enterprise offerings, including Countly Enterprise Edition.

Apr 07

How Prime uses Countly

In this blogpost, we interviewed, Owen Imholte, from Prime. The company has an iPhone app that helps people instantly get their medical records from all their doctors. It’s targeted at the 130 million Americans who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Read on to learn how Prime uses Countly.

Q: How does Prime help people?

It’s helpful to them because they are often stuck carrying a thick binder full of details, scribbling lists on notepads, or struggling to remember all the details. In the US, the onus is on the patient to communicate all these details to their doctors, specialists, and family. The current system is enormously fragmented and challenging and Prime works hard to bring a bit of order to the chaos.

Q: You looked for the right analytics solution. Why did you choose Countly among all?

For any startup analytics are crucial in figuring out how people are using a product, and what needs to be improved. Since Prime is in the health space, one of the extra considerations is the huge level of regulatory compliance required. The fact that Countly is able to run in a self-hosted manner was what initially drew us in. We also adopted the rule to never send any Protected Health Information in the first place.


There are two reasons to take that approach. The first is to protect the privacy of people using Prime. Trust is paramount for any app that deals with personal medical details and our goal is to let people regain control over their data. Since analytics are typically general, more specific details would not add much value, therefore it wouldn’t be helpful to have the granular data in the first place. So that makes it an easy decision, but how do we make sure that none of the data leaks?

Q: Which Countly features attracted you most?

Countly’s lightweight and open source design, and understandable codebase makes it possible for us to verify that information is not being unintentionally sent, so we can get to the real point of reviewing the data to improve Prime.

To that end, we love the beautiful interface, easy integration, and ongoing feature additions of Countly. The recent addition of drills and funnels without even requiring a new custom events, or SDK is stellar.


We initially used custom events to track how somebody navigated the various flows within the application and which actions they took. We have made lots of changes in discoverability of various features that were otherwise hidden. Seeing the numbers informs us in the design of new features, for instance an upcoming enhancement will be visible from the home screen in addition to the hamburger menu.

Since joining the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator power by Techstars in Kansas City (wow, that’s a mouthful) we have defined and started tracking our key performance indicators, or KPIs, as well.

Q: Are there any feature requests for us?

There are two - one would be for a built-in static-segmentation (which could be dynamically extended on a case-by-case basis) and a way to automatically extend view controllers so there wouldn’t be as much manual involvement in tracking which views appear in what order.

Prime looks forward to helping everyone get their medical records.

Mar 10

5 reasons to choose Countly as your enterprise mobile analytics and engagement platform


At Countly, our main motivation has always been to deliver the best customer experience with a technology our users fall in love with. We’ve seen the analytics space mature in the last 5 years, and we are more than sure that it’s going to evolve a lot for the next 5 years also.

Running on several hundreds of millions of devices, powering 600M unique IDs on 100+ countries with 2000+ servers, Countly is by far the most advanced enterprise mobile analytics platform. Albeit being a young company, our dedication to continuous innovation gave us unparalleled growth in number of apps tracked, installed servers and supported customers.

We asked our customers why they love Countly, and here are top 5 reasons.

1. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: Countly has the lowest total cost of ownership, compared to its competitors. Instead of writing own analytics backend, relying on Countly’s stable, high-performance decreases development, training and support costs.

2. Full Functionality: Countly Mobile Analytics has the widest set of functionality you can expect from a mobile analytics platform, including retention, detailed segmentation and funnels. For a list of feature comparison, check this page.

3. Unlimited Branding: When you purchase Countly Enterprise, you have the option to rebrand the whole interface. Instead of relying on other companies, why don’t you have your own analytics solution with support from Countly team?

4. Data Privacy Out of the Box: Collecting personally identifiable data is risky. Additionally, you may need to collect private data and host your analytics server inside your company LAN. Countly is the single secure solution for your modern mobile analytics needs.

5. Mature Enterprise Open Source Product: Countly Enterprise Edition is a fully supported product, protecting customers with SLA terms, which includes access to support team with direct phone.

Countly gives you a modern solution, with a flexibility you need in a competitive environment. Plus, we have “extreme support" (1-1 consultancy) for Countly Cloud users - a support that’ll assist you kickstart mobile analytics in the company.

For more information about your next mobile analytics platform, send us an email and one of our sales support person will contact you.

— Countly Team