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Sep 27

Countly is a sponsor of RWDevCon

When it comes to conferences devoted to high quality programming tutorials, it’s hard to find one around. However Ray Wanderlich-powered RWDevCon is a big exception to this, which takes place in Washington DC between February 6th-7th. 

Countly is also a proud sponsor of this conference, together with Facebook and ShinobiControls as of now. We know that this first experience will be a great interest for those who want to be a part of an awesome international community. 

We strongly suggest that you reserve your seats for RWDevCon by registering here. Hurry - speakers are simply awesome and early bird tickets may be sold out soon.  

— Countly Team

Sep 17

Venturebeat recognizes Countly, surveys mobile analytics users

Venturebeat, a company well known for being a leading source about news and perspective on technology innovation, are surveying mobile analytics users

Countly is also recognized among top mobile analytics vendors in this survey, and we want to help them establish their goals. So why not spend some time and answer their questions - which won’t take more than 10 minutes of time, and help Venturebeat establish their goals?

Here’s a link to the survey - thank you for participating!

Sep 08

Updated Countly Windows Phone SDK for WP analytics


We’re happy to announce that we rewrote Windows Phone SDK from scratch and committed to Github. Windows Phone Analytics SDK is available for everyone, with an open source (MIT) license, so you can checkout and use in your apps. This version is on-par with iOS and Android analytics SDKs, and has the ability to store data when network is down. 

There’s also a Windows Phone mobile analytics application, when launched, can send basic events, or events with sum and segmentation (screenshot below):


We hope you like Countly Windows Phone SDK. Do not hesitate to contribute to Countly by sending pull requests, submitting bugs or simply helping with documentation. 

— Countly Team

Aug 31

Introducing new Cloud pricing model

We have been running Countly business for roughly 2 years now, and in the last 3 months, we have seen a massive increase in signups, subscriptions and downloads. Quality of our SDKs have increased, Countly is used by several Fortune 500 companies and we are more than thrilled to be a part of this ecosystem. 

It’s been 2 years since our last pricing introduction and we haven’t increased our pricing, despite the big difference among other players in the market (we always have been on the low-end). Lately, almost all players have gone through a price restructuring – mostly due to increasing complexity of underlying platform, servers and SDKs. We are also experiencing the same - an increase in cost of data, servers  and maintainance, and our operational costs are getting higher, and we have the desire to continue to offer a quality service for you.

Therefore effective from October 1st, Cloud Edition pricing will increase, starting from 30%. There’s no change in number of sessions and all prices are monthly.

Here’s a list of new prices:

Here’s a definitive table that shows our latest pricing, including number of session and event limits:


As usual, one session means one launch of an application, regardless of data points it sends to the server. Usually, in one session, we see 5-15 data points sent to server. This number can go high, up to 80 in some cases (e.g radio, video apps that retain user more than, say, a weather application). In any case, we strongly suggest you compare our pricing with other players in the ecosystem and witness the huge difference still after pricing change.

One event is a “custom event” generated on the device. Unlike other analytics platforms, sessions and events are calculated independently and do not affect each other. When you hit one limit, you’re asked to upgrade to next Plan. Note that stored data has now a retention limit, starting from 2 months to 6 months for bigger plans. If you need more retention in your plans, Countly Enteprise Edition can store your data for longer periods. 

You may immediately ask – “how about my startup discount?”. It’s still there, still the same (20%) for Professional Plan. Therefore startups will pay a flat USD100 for this Plan as soon as they provide us a legal document stating that they are under 1 year old or have less than 10 employees onboard.

How about other editions?

Countly Community Edition is always here to live – we love and use open source, and we are dedicated to give back to community.  Countly server and SDK has been supported by more than 30 developers, and it’s you who make this product a big success in mobile world. 

Countly Enterprise Edition is for those who want to have Countly Mobile Analytics Platform self-hosted, and also enjoy support and several features that  are not available to Community Edition, available to Business plans in Cloud Edition but readily available with Enterprise Edition: Drills, Funnels, real-time dashboard for online users, User Retention and more. If you want to get more information about Enterprise Edition, we have a very good news: we are offering a price reduction until 31st of December, 2014 for companies willing to migrate from Cloud Edition to Enterprise Edition.  Contact us for more information.

New pricing model will go live starting from 1st of October, and will affect existing and new users. If you have any queries about our new prices, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We’d like to thank you for your compliments and valuable ideas during your tests and production use of Countly. We are continuing to demonstrate our ability to solve your analytics problems and provide a robust, real-time platform with a focus on end user data privacy.


— Countly Team

Aug 29

New Community release: Countly v14.08

Countly is world’s #1 open source, enterprise mobile analytics platform. We are proud to release the latest and greatest Countly v14.08, which is a follow-up to Countly v13.11. In this release, we focused on making Countly easier and less buggy to use.

What’s new?

Our new license: AGPLv3

We thought using a standards compliant license, rather than a hand-crafted one would be more appealing to end developers. Starting from this release, we modified Countly Community Edition license to AGPL

We highly recommend that you upgrade your server to new Countly today to benefit from many improvements in this release.

Need a self-hosted, supported solution?

Countly Enterprise Edition is a self-hosted, customizable, full-featured, white-labeled mobile analytics platform including Countly server, more than 10 SDKs, client API libraries, extensive documentation with full support from same team who developed Countly. Enterprise Edition is used by Fortune 500 companies on mission critical servers. For more information about Enterprise Editionplease contact us.